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Asset Development Plan

An ADP, sometimes called an Integrated Development Plan (IDP), Integrated Product Plan (IPP), or Product Development Plan (PDP), is a document that describes the overall development of a product. It includes the medical need, target profile, business case, technical strategy, regulatory strategy, and commercial strategy. Using a proven format, our team can assist in developing an ADP in 4-6 weeks.

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Clinical Development Plan

A CDP is a document that describes the development path for a drug to obtain a single indication statement. It specifies the evidence that should be collected from entry into clinical development to submission of a market application. Our team can assist in developing a CDP in 4-6 weeks.


Target Product Profile

A TPP sets the assumptions for a development path. Our team can assist your subject matter experts to collect their expectations in a comprehensive and systematic format that can be used to create a value-added clinical development plan.

Financial Report

Project Planning Solution

Project planning is fundamental to any project management organization. If your company is using disparate solutions (Smartsheet, MS Project, Excel) and standalone project plans, you're missing the opportunity to inform the business of integrated plans and development paths. In 6 weeks, we can turn your existing project planning solution into a centralized, integrated, transparent planning and reporting solution.

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We work with leaders and subject matter experts within your company to develop product development playbooks that fit your identity, culture, operating models, and that are used to maximize consistency and effectiveness. We help you lay out visually and verbally the overall framework for product development, with overarching paradigms (e.g., stage gate-based approach from pre-clinical to launch) and specific mechanisms involved. Playbooks also include comprehensive activity roadmaps, functional deliverables expected at each stage gate, roles and interactions of actors (teams, functions and governance) involved in the process, and tools and systems leveraged to facilitate product development.

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Portfolio Management Solution

Your key to aligning execution to your organization's strategy is making the right trade-off solutions, with timely and trusted data. We assess your process maturity, your tool landscape, and your stakeholder expectations to propose and support implementation of a portfolio management system. Past experiences have enabled organizations to quantify their project selection, to assess the impact of budget cuts, to understand the portfolio implications of proposed alliances, and to master resource capacity planning. 

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